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Industrial inkjet printing

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Egg printing system

Egg printing system Egg printing system Egg printing system Egg printing system

A contact free semi_automatic marker designed for continuous marking and lettering of eggs. The device serves for printing of texts, dates, pictures….

The moving ink spraying heads (1_6) shift forward by copying the eggs shape and provide for the quality printing. Flexibility this device offers makes it suitable for both, the small and medium size producers as well as big sorting plants provided with electronic sorting machines. The data to be printed are downloaded from the memory card.
An adequate number of printing heads may be used for marking and lettering of eggs on sorting or packing machine, in accordance with number of egg tracks. The machine is provided with replaceable TIJ printing heads as standard or with a CIJ cartridge allowing continuous ink supply.

General specifications

  • Aplication: eggs lettering incl. date functions or comercial prints
  • Print swath: 9 - 12,5mm
  • Printhead adapts it selves to each egg shape
  • Free selectable print pictures
  • Automatic date functions
  • Touch screen for easy operating
  • Intuitive operating comands and menus
  • Removable Micro SD memory cards for job storage and transfer
  • Available bulk ink supplies - continuous ink jet printing
  • Print resolutions up to 420 dpi
  • Print speed 54m/min

Printing system in action (video 4 MB)

EggJet 906s (video 5 MB)

EggJet EJ1 (video 4 MB)

   Prospekt in PDF (16 MB)

Printing example

Printing example Printing example Printing example Printing example

Smartphone with software for easy changing Text to BMP format

The Software is designed for mobile phone with Windows Mobile operation system to convert text to BMP file with the appropriate parameters for the 'Multijet and EggJet" printers. Software is available for download.

smartphone_textbmp.pdf (2,9 MB)

TextBMP.CAB [.zip]

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