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Industrial inkjet printing

Company info

Company MBD Nitra spol. s r.o. was founed in 1993 and aimed to supply technologic equipment for animal production. Within this area it is specialised in poultry raising capable to supply all equipment (cage and litter technology, ventilation and cooling systems, egg collection, lighting).
For pig keeping we supply feeding system for ”dry” pig feeding, Breeding pens and fencing.
Consultancy is a part of our job as we are able to work out a proposal of techno logy going to complex project documentation.
Apart from above mentioned activities we work to order development and control system production for agriculture.

Since 2003, we start produce coding system for eggs and develop our own coding system for plastic boxes and handheld printer.

Strategic Partners & Suppliers

Working with these great companies allows MBD to provide our wide range of superior solutions.

Vibox a.s.


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